Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 8, 2012 – TAL PARENT MEETING: Click here for meeting minutes

NOVEMBER 8, 2011 – TAL PARENT MEETING: Click here for meeting minutes

OCTOBER 26, 2011 – MATH ACCELERATION FORUM: TAL_math_forum_minutes


AUGUST 15, 2011 – PARENT MEETING: Click here for meeting minutes


JUNE 20, 2011 – PARENT MEETING: Click here for meeting minutes



Summer activities and goals of each group:
K-2 – Contact is
1.                  Summer reading club – Norman Peralta
1.                  Pick books from
2.                  Canoeing – Kristin Hoy
3.                  Geography Bee
4.                  Scavenger Hunt
5.                  Way to get into curriculum before school starts

Grades 3 / 4  – Contact is Pam Cooper
1.                  6/23 Cranbrook Starlabs at Farmington Public Library
2.                  Game night in July

Grades 5 / 6 – Contact is Dianne A.
1.                  Junior Great Books – meet once a week during the summer to
continue JGB throughout the year
2.                  Math Olympiad

Grades 7 / 8 –
1.                  Instant Challenges from Destination Imagination
2.                  Write your own stories and read to the group and group gives
feedback (kind critiques)

Grades 9 – 12
1.                  Social at Chris Greig’s home
2.                  Workshops

1.                  Toastmasters Club
2.                  Good Reads
3.                  Noodle – website to communicate through

Next meeting is 6/20 at 7pm at Lanigan Elementary School.

We will have a full group social on 6/24 at Heritage Park.
The Splash Bash will start at 6pm and then there will be the movie How to Train
Your Dragon.


Grade 7/8 Breakout Group Notes

Grade K-2 Breakout Group Notes


  • Mission of group / purpose
    ·         Gifted/accelerated program at middle school level
    ·         Increase expectations for accelerated students in multiple subjects
    ·         Strength in numbers to bring attention to district that we are missing
    some students’ needs
    ·         Begin early, include K-12
    ·         Critical thinking
    ·         Not more work, but more challenging work
    ·         Educate our educators
    ·         Meet social and emotional needs – both for peers and teachers
    ·         Slow down district’s emphasis on mentoring/teaching role of gifted
    ·         Take advantage of the large scale of grade 5/6 schools
    ·         Teach educators about the unique behavioral challenges of gifted kids
    ·         How to know if child is gifted
    ·         Educating parents to recognize giftedness
    ·         Keep gifted kids in FPS in lieu of private schools
    ·         Share information among parents
    ·         Standard program across district
    ·         Peer to peer opportunities for accelerated students
    Tina’s list of objectives (off top of head)
    ·         Improve curriculum
    ·         Share information
    ·         Social/emotional needs
    ·         Advocacy
    ·         Expanded learning in school
    Other topics discussed
    ·         Tina wants a brochure available to the schools’ general public before
    the end of the school year (not clear on key messages of brochure – PC)
    ·         Jean Becker of MAGE suggested approaching educators with the premise,
    “If you put a kid with a 100 IQ in a special ed class with kids of 70 IQ, what
    behavior issues would you face?  The same issues arise when you put a child with
    a 130 IQ in a class of 100 IQ kids.”
    ·         Need to identify what aspects of Highmeadow’s programs we want in
    other schools
  • May do “field trip” programs over the summer.  Some ideas:
    o   Free concerts in Riley/Heritage park
    o   Art museum
    o   Cranbrook
    o   Detroit Science Center
  • Tina met with Dr. Catherine Cost from FPS; Dr. Cost says she is “open”
    to gifted education
  • Next meeting
    ·         Monday, June 6 – 7 pm at Lanigan Elementary

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