About TAL

Our Mission

Together for Accelerated Learners’ (TAL – pronounced “tall”) mission is to network, educate, and inspire parents and educators and coordinate advocacy to further the academic, social, emotional and educational needs of high achieving students in the Farmington area.

Who is TAL for?

Educators, parents and students grades k-12, although our focus
for 9-12 is limited at this time. Please check our website for a list of
qualities that may help you determine if your child is “gifted”, although any
interested parent/child is welcome if this seems of interest to you.
How this goal is accomplished is by increasing opportunities to be with academic
peers, creating opportunities for parents to network and attend workshops to
assist them, education enrichment, advocacy which in its simplest form is
communicating for your child whether with the teachers, principals and
administration to meet the needs of your child.

Membership Benefits

  • Regular e-mail announcements about upcoming meetings and events.
  • Regular information about policies and program options within the Farmington Public Schools.
  • Invitations to social and educational gatherings aimed at nurturing a community of support and encouragement for children and parents.
  • Overviews of state and national issues and trends affecting high-achieving students through the Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education (The Alliance).  Visit the Michigan Alliance on the web at www.migiftedchild.org.
  • Support and guidance from parents who have “been there, done that.”


We are in the process of planning appropriate activities. New ideas
are still welcome.

We are excited to continue this journey together. We are not alone and as a
group have a stronger voice to better meet the needs of our children. Please
feel free to contact me for questions and we will try to get important info on
our website.


Tina Yoder  jryoder@sbcglobal.net


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