Screen-Free Week is Coming Soon!

tal SCREEN FREEDid you know that on average, students spend more hours watching tv than they spend in school? What would happen in your life if you turned tv off and unplugged for a few hours everyday?

Will you join the Farmington community as we unplug the screens and plug in playtime, family time and fun! Students and families all across America take the pledge to go screen free for a week. Will you be part of this great national event and try going screen free for a half day, entire day or a week?

Farmington PTA Council in partnership with the Farmington Community Library and Commission for Children and Families is sponsoring Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood’s Screen Free Week May 5th-12th. Students and adults promise to unplug from devices and take the pledge to not watch tv or play video games or use other electronic devices for entertainment.

Please note that work and homework are acceptable uses of electronic devices.

To help encourage this activity, the following incentives are available:

  • ½ day turn off: Enter raffles for every ½ day to win $10 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, Target or Amazon.  Eligible dates: April 21-May 12.
  • Full day turn off: Enter raffles for $25 gift cards for every successful full day without screens.  Eligible dates: April 28-May 12.
  • 7 Day Screen Free: Enter raffles for chance to win $50 restaurant gift certificate, additional gift cards from May 5th-12th.  In addition to the raffles, all FPS students who were successful are invited to participate in a Celebration Pool Party at the Costick Center.

Raffle slips can be turned in to the Raffle Envelopes in school offices and both libraries. Raffles will be drawn on May 19th.

Individuals and families can take the pledge.

Click here for Raffle Slips

Library Board Game / Blocks During Screen Free Week

Click here for Poster


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