STARS Middle School Debate Program is Back

STARS MIDDLE SCHOOL DEBATE PROGRAM is back! This program helps students gain confidence in public speaking and also helps them find their hidden talents. Debating encourages reading and promotes research skills. Kids also have fun with learning new things, as well as strengthen core academic subjects.

Parents and students are invited to attend the registration Kick-Off Middle School Debate meeting, to be held March 30th, 7:00pm-8:00pm in the Dunckel cafeteria. The Debate program is lead by Autumn Harris, a senior Social Work student at EMU who developed a debate program curriculum especially for Middle School students and Orlando Harris a current college student and Director of Coaching for the program. These students will debate various issues that are important in our society and age appropriate. The Beginner/Intermediate debate program is 5-weeks. The advanced program will be 8-weeks. Students will meet once a week on either Saturday or Sunday only, with a Grand Finale Debate held at EMU in Ypsilanti on Saturday during the last week.  The final debate will be judged by elected officials and/or EMU staff. The program is set to start the third week in April. The deadline to register is the first day of the program; registration will begin at the Kick-Off Meeting. Spaces are limited so early registration is encouraged.

The cost including materials will be $65 per student for the 5-week program and $95 for the 8 week. More information will be provided during the Kick-Off meeting. If you are unable to attend the Kick Off, please contact STARS Debate directly at (734) 365-7298. Hope to see you there!

Quisha Brown


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