Hayride and Marshmallows, Yum! October 14

Bring the family to the Nature Center in Heritage Park for our TAL Hayride and Campfire! Roast a marshmallow over the fire and enjoy a cup of cider. Experience autumn in the park, while on a scenic hayride through the trails! To register for the October 14, 2011 hay ride at 5:30 p.m:
  • Visit  http://recreg.fhgov.com and register online or (online registration not available)
  • Call 248-477-1135 (FH Costick Center registration) or
  • Register in person at the Costick Center Special Services front office
Also please let our event organizer, Diana Bachleda, know that you are coming, by emailing her at dlbachleda@yahoo.com.   Please complete your registration and email Diana by Wednesday 10/12.
The cost is $5 per person and includes cider and marshmallows.  The hayride starts at the Nature Center building.  If you can’t make it at 5:30, there are other hayrides every 1/2 hour after that, or you can just come hang out with us at the campfire.  We will be there till about 7:30.
Extra Credit:
If your kids are interested, it would be great for them to research the origins of Halloween, or bring a favorite Halloween book or poem to read with the group!

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Research Director, figure skating mom, and enthusiastic advocate for Gifted education.
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