Speech to Board of Education

Farmington Area PTA Council President Tammy Luty discussed TAL in her speech to the Board of Education.  Thank you Tammy, for such an eloquent summary!

“Farmington PTA Council will…have a new committee organized under it this year, TAL (Together for Accelerated Learners). This group will work with PTA Council to advocate for talented and gifted programs and activities as well as provide a network for students and families to communicate together. Over the summer, TAL and PTA Council partnered with the Farmington Community Library for summer book clubs. We also partnered with the City of Farmington Hills for building usage to hold meetings and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers Workshop.

What a great community to live in, one that values and supports education. I know every parent wants a great education for their student. As parents we realize the financial situation that the schools and community are facing due to our poor economic climate. Yet we want to advocate for every student, no matter where they are at, and work to excel them to a higher level. To us it is not a race to the middle, we want to help the struggling students reach grade level, the grade level students accelerate and the accelerated learners reach even higher. By doing this the parents, students, teachers, administrators and Board of Education can achieve together the Farmington vision of high achievement for all students.


Tammy Luty
Farmington PTA Council President”


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Research Director, figure skating mom, and enthusiastic advocate for Gifted education.
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