K-2 Trip to “Rapunzel” Play

We are thinking of taking the K-2 group to see the play “Rapunzel” at the Northville Marquis Theatre.    This would go well with the fairy tales theme of the K-2 book club.
Let’s try out this new way to choose a date: please go to  http://doodle.com/k9au6gprcxwcgae3
This will show any available dates that you can attend if you are interested.
Kids over 3 only.  If we decide on a date to go, a notice will be posted on the website.

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Research Director, figure skating mom, and enthusiastic advocate for Gifted education.
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One Response to K-2 Trip to “Rapunzel” Play

  1. D says:

    Marquis is FUN! Good Idea Tina!!
    Just a thought about dates, etc.

    The 1st two weeks Aug. 1-12, the shows are $7. 00 (on Weekdays – no group rate available). Group rate only works on Sat. shows & are $7.50 (with group rate).

    We probably don’t want to do it the same day as Book club (Wed. Aug. 3)

    Since we just recently were talking about studying another heritage and looking on the map, etc. Here is a fun activity also,
    on Aug. 6th, is the Livonia Highland (Scottish) Games, which is both fun & educational! Scottish heritage, games, bag pipes, and dancing (& food). Group rates are available, for it, too.

    So many things to do, so little time! Marquis should be fun.

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